Sunday, May 9, 2010

40k space marine bikers

hey, squad of 5 space marine bikers...painted average tabletop

i think crimson fist? 1 side car...1 meltagun...1 plasma pistol/gun

want 40$ paypal, includes shipping to continental usa.

or make offer. pm me on TMP or email

painted arbites squad

hey, a painted squad of 6 adeptes arbites armed with shotguns and grenade launcher.

dont know but they may be oop.

30$, includes priority shipping, continental usa, paypal.

pm me on TMP or email

or make offer

40k painted ratling snipers

hey, 6 painted OOP ratling snipers for 40k imperial guard.

25$, includes priority postage, to continental usa. paypal.

pm me on TMP or email crowmag99@ yahoo. com

40k painted all metal necron army

howdy, need to get rid of these 40k Necrons. almost all are from 1999 or so.
painted average tabletop quality. 24 metal scarabs/ 40 metal necron grunts/
10 metal immortals/ 5 metal destroyers/ 2 generals staff o light(1 painted-1 primed)
these are the original necrons. not the plastic stuff.
also to throw into the deal. 1 plastic somewhat assembled pyramid tank/1 plastic kit of a necron destroyer lord/ and 1 GW necron codex in excellent condition(not sure if this has been replaced or not yet- have not played GW stuff in 5-6 years)
asking 115$ including priority shipping,(pretty heavy) paypal, continental USA
if that seems whack, make me an offer

pm me on TMP or

unpainted epic tyranids

Hello, time to get rid of these epic tyranid models.

plastic- about 1.3 boxes(1 full box + what seems to be 2 sprues worth)

so about 7 sprues of plastic 6mm tyranids. also a bunch of plastic bases.

now, for the metal models- 1 dominatrix/1 hive tyrant/2 carnifex/2 harridan(flyer)

6 biovores/1 zzoanthrope/1 exocrine/3 trygon?-snails with claws/4 artillery lobbing things/1 thing with pincers and 2 upright claws/2 biotitans-hierodule?-spider tank

nothing is painted, all is as in pics.
not really an epic player and not sure of their worth
but would like 110$ including shipping priority mail
paypal and continental USA only
if that seems whack, make me an offer
pm me on TMP or