Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pained epic metal tanks

a few old metal epic tankks/space marine-imp guarrd iss my guess. 8 superheavy tanks.9 metal tanks.3 artillery tanks.2 warhounds.1 thunderhawk-unpainted

painted chaos epic

small lot of painted chaos for epic. 6 metal tanks. 6 tzeentch disks-plastic. 15 juggernauts khorne-plastic. 10 metal chaos hounds(5 are painted)

epic orks

epic ork army for sale

metal stuff is old

plastic stuff is newer


1)ork gargant -missing rt arm

2)mega gargant

3)6 metal mini gargants-stompers?

4)3 metal wooly mammoths with tower

5)4 metal buggies

6)3 metal buzz bombs artillery

7)4 metal artillery pieces

plastic newer stuff

1)4 stompas

2)12 tanks

3)3 shock attack guns

4)12 boarboyz

5)12 bikes

6)59 stands of 5 infantry each

  1. normal asortment of assault/hvy wpn/ command/etc

epic squat army

up for sale is a small epic squat army. painted to a tabletop standard(for epic).

included are;

1) 10 plastic 3 wheeled bikes

2)42 plastic bikes(2 to a stand)

3)6 power armor guys on 3 wheeled bikes

4)5 plastic mortars

5) 3 stands of power armor guys(5 to a stand)

6) 1 big metal tank

7) 1 flyer

8)4 metal rocket bits/2 turrets

9)10 metal artillery

10)48 stands of 5 infantry(including 6 command stannds;9 hvy wpn stands;rest are a mix of standard infantry and assault)

taking offers, paypal ,continental us only

pm me on tmp or email crowmag99 @ yahoo . com

shipping should be 5$