Saturday, March 3, 2012

at43 oni vehicles

hey ho, I have got 7 of the pre painted AT43 ONI vehicles for sale or trade.
2 6 wheeled , tank hunters?... and 5 4 wheeled armored cars/ apc's
I offered them to Martin of fire broadside, but no reply...then I had an email from someone expressing interest
and accidentally trashed the email...oops sorry.
GZG 25mm figure for scale comparison, not included...would prefer paypal 150$ ,shipping included to
continental USA only...if someone from across the pond really wants them, pay actual shipping cost
i will consider breaking them up....
trade would love some Kato-n scale buildings....equal worth of heavy gear n scale 12mm infantry packs
new heavy gear badlands terrain
either pm me on TMP...thorlongus
or email
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