Sunday, May 9, 2010

unpainted epic tyranids

Hello, time to get rid of these epic tyranid models.

plastic- about 1.3 boxes(1 full box + what seems to be 2 sprues worth)

so about 7 sprues of plastic 6mm tyranids. also a bunch of plastic bases.

now, for the metal models- 1 dominatrix/1 hive tyrant/2 carnifex/2 harridan(flyer)

6 biovores/1 zzoanthrope/1 exocrine/3 trygon?-snails with claws/4 artillery lobbing things/1 thing with pincers and 2 upright claws/2 biotitans-hierodule?-spider tank

nothing is painted, all is as in pics.
not really an epic player and not sure of their worth
but would like 110$ including shipping priority mail
paypal and continental USA only
if that seems whack, make me an offer
pm me on TMP or

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