Tuesday, July 13, 2010

epic squat army

up for sale is a small epic squat army. painted to a tabletop standard(for epic).

included are;

1) 10 plastic 3 wheeled bikes

2)42 plastic bikes(2 to a stand)

3)6 power armor guys on 3 wheeled bikes

4)5 plastic mortars

5) 3 stands of power armor guys(5 to a stand)

6) 1 big metal tank

7) 1 flyer

8)4 metal rocket bits/2 turrets

9)10 metal artillery

10)48 stands of 5 infantry(including 6 command stannds;9 hvy wpn stands;rest are a mix of standard infantry and assault)

taking offers, paypal ,continental us only

pm me on tmp or email crowmag99 @ yahoo . com

shipping should be 5$

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