Saturday, August 14, 2010

40k space marine vehicle lot

hello,for sale is a bunch of old space marine vehicles...all are probably way out of print-not sure about dread,bikes,landspeeders
but I know the predator, landraiders,and rhinos are. I just want to get rid of these so make me some reasonable offer. will sell as one lot or break it up. will only ship to USA ,continental, and paypal only....willing to trade for 10mm ancients especially magister militum, steve barber, irreg...even old glory but not as excited
so to clarify
1-5 space marine bikes-1 is a sidecar
2-one dreadnot
3- three landspeeders
4- four rhinos
5- 2 landraiders
6- 1 predator metal tank
they are all semi painted ok- for tabletop
you know parts will break off in shipping-they're GW after all- just glue it back
contact me at as my supporting membership is about to run out on tmp
oh and since this is make an offer, realize that you might make the first offer, BUT if some later fellow offers more I will go with that
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