Saturday, August 14, 2010

bunch of seleucid stuff painted old glory 28mm

hello, bunch of painted old glory seleucid left overs for sale or trade for 10mm ancient/15mm scifi
most is painted above average tabletop. some that are based for impetus will be unbased and packed individuallyso you will have to rebase.
2 armored elephants- may have to reglue pikes afer travel
2 scythed chariots
10 cataphract cavalry
10 companion cavalry
31 phalangites with trousers and pikes
31 painted phalangites pikes and shields not glued
probably have another couplebags of phalangites I will throw in if i can findthem(bonus)
also about 90 brass pikes from northstar
OOPS look at next post for pics of pike units
make offer for all of it or parts
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